In the world of faux documentaries, there are likely few that will affect you the way “A Girl Like Her” on DVD will. According to the producers, this movie is one that is based on a fictional story, but a scenario that young girls, and even boys, can relate to all around the world – bullying. In a society that is more focused on turning your head or ignoring the situation, this movie brings it to the forefront and takes viewers on an interesting journey in this faux documentary setting. While the movie is not based on an actual true story, the fact is, bullying is a real and impactful situation that is taking place right now.

If you are considering purchasing the DVD, it is essential to remember that this is not for the very young, since there is some commentary that would not be appropriate for those under the age of 13, which is why it has been rated PG-13. Scheduled for release in January 2016, this DVD is one that explores a taboo subject that many movie producers don’t want to touch. The message in this movie is impactful and the goal was to change lives, according to those who have seen it, they definitely agree that it has accomplished this goal.

If you are seeking other highly rated videos, consider “Valley Girl,” on DVD and originally produced in 1983, or “A Life of Her Own,” which was originally produced in 1950. While these movies are not quite as serious, they are definitely worth watching. Also, with the price of DVDs continuing to go down, you can afford several of these fun and entertaining movies. If you want to know what the bullying scenario is really like, be sure to purchase your own copy of “A Girl Like Her.”