Imagine a camera not much bigger than a compact with a sensor as large as a DSLR, all served up in an affordable package and bristling with features for every photographic eventuality. Welcome to the Sony Alpha 5000.

The Alpha 5000 or A5000 is minuscule but has a lens that dwarfs the camera body. It is so light and small you can easily keep it with you all the time. Having a decent carrying case is best advised as it has a slightly awkward shape and it does need adequate protection. Consider the following two items if you’re looking for an excellent Sony A5000 case.

MegaGear “Ever Ready” Protective Leather Camera Case is specifically tailored for Sony’s bestselling camera. The case is made of PU leather, which will keep your camera safe from dust and falls. Its interior is lined with a really soft fabric, which will ensure that the lens of your Sony camera won’t get scratched or damaged, while you’re carrying it inside the case. But perhaps the coolest thing about the case is the fact that it uses MegaGear’s “Ever Ready” design. If you see a photo opportunity, while your camera is stored in the case, all you’ll have to do is pull open the specially designed flap, and you will be able to easily take the photo – as if your camera wasn’t in the case! You won’t even have to take it out of the protective case in order to put it onto a tripod.

MegaGear also has an “Ultra Light” Neoprene Camera Case, designed for easy carrying. Made with stretchy, durable neoprene, this case is water resistant to keep your camera clean and dry. A foam-padded interior adds an extra layer of protection, and a Velcro closure keeps your camera stowed securely inside. The case is very lightweight and compact for easy portability.

With MegaGear’s A5000 cases, rest assured that your favorite camera is safe while carrying it around town.