We all have our personalities – from the girly girl to the punk rocker who loves to get into trouble. Music can be incredibly insightful into what kind of personality someone has, but what about the way they listen to that music? Earbuds, for example, make a wonderful looking glass into some aspect of someone’s personality.

Color is one of these aspects. Thicksound brand, for example, offers earbuds that are available in two color combinations: silver and cherry, or black and chocolate. Colors can offer a stereotypical look into a personality, but if you know the other person well, color can also show you what kind of person they are. Silver and cherry may mean that one person really likes cherry red, while another may find that they are comfortable.

Skullcandy is a brand well known for having a variety of colors available in their various forms of earbuds. From purple cords and buds to black cords and pink buds, there are many options from this brand. A popular option is the Smokin Buds in red. They also come in green, purple, and white. Since the buds are all in the same shape, the color is a wonderful way to add some personality to the buds.

Another option to look at is quality. Skullcandy is, again, known for its quality. For the price, if the earbuds are treated incredibly well, they will last between a year and two years. Cords can be pulled from the earbud itself and cause the earbud to lose the sound. Buds can be filled with earwax if not cleaned out well enough. Whatever happens, Skullcandy can usually pull through the issue without needing to go through the warranty process.

Munito also has a rap for being incredible quality at a low cost. They sound well without you having to press them into your ears, like other cheap ones may have to be. They are also available in multiple colors, with black being the most popular.

Whatever you decide, earbuds are an essential part of listening to music. Shouldn’t they also show a portion of your personality?