Making movies is one way that people relate to their surroundings. Whether it’s vacations, holidays, events with family or good times with friends, many people throughout the years have captured memorable footage with 8mm cameras. As years passed, these same people may have been left without a way to view their film and convert it into a digital format for safe storage. Now, many consumers turn to online shopping to find sn 8mm film viewer that will allow them to view and convert their footage.

One popular choice among enthusiasts is the user friendly F2D Mighty 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter. The compact device allows users to convert seven different types of film to digital media in a matter of seconds. JPG snapshots can be taken from Super 8 and 8mm reels, which can then be compiled into video footage. A computer is not required to use the device, which has an internal memory that can hold a minimum of 40 images.

At a slightly lower price point, reviewers also favor the VuPoint Solutions Digital Film and Slide Converter. The device allows users to take negatives and slides and convert them into an easy to organize slideshow. Many reviewers noted that the speed at which slides were able to be scanned made investment in the converter worthwhile.

Another compact reviewer favorite is the Jumbl 22MP All-In-1 Film & Slide Scanner, which features speed load adapters and can view and process 35mm negatives and slides, 126, 110 and Super 8 films. Slides and negatives can be inserted into the device and scanned quickly without the adapter needing to be reloaded or removed. An optional SD card boosts the internal memory of the device, which reviewers referred to as powerful, excellent and capable.

With so many ways available to view and convert old movies and slides, an investment in an 8mm film viewer or other conversion utility is a great way to preserve a family’s greatest treasures. Many memories can be happily recaptured by experiencing these lost years in crisp digital color.