Hunting and sport shooting are popular hobbies among those in America, and there are many advantages to using a scope during these activities. The main purpose of a scope is to magnify a target and provide a sharper image. There are different types of scopes and accessories, and mounting a scope by oneself is certainly a doable task.

A scope mount is a vital tool and will service as the anchor for the scope. The job of a scope mount is to be able to keep the scope steadily in place under any conditions, such as harsh weather conditions. A great thing about mounts is that many can fit a variety of different guns.

There are two main options when deciding what type of scope mount to pick. Which option is picked is completely dependent upon one of two things. Is the scope being used for one gun, or multiple guns?

If the scope is being used for one gun, opt for a fixed mount scope. This has the added bonus of being more cost effective, as one doesn’t run the risk of causing accidental damage from moving the scope between guns.
If a gun owner plans on moving their scope from weapon to weapon, then a detached mount scope would be a good idea.

There are three types of detachable mount scopes and they each serve their purpose. The Weaver Style detachable scope is one of the more popular detachable scope options, for example, an 870 scope mount. It is made from aluminum or steel and is produced by most manufacturers, making it easy to acquire at a competitive price. The second style of detachable scope is the Picatinny Style. The main difference between this style, and the Weaver Style, is that the base slots on the Picatinny mounts are wider. The final version of detachable scope is the clamp on style, scope. These scopes are also widely manufactured, and have the added bonus of being easy to remove, without running the risk of damaging the gun.

Whether looking into the ever popular Weaver Style 870 scope mount, or a mount for a favorite gun, scope mounts can be a very advantageous tool for the avid hunter or professional shooter.