Buying a cell phone comes with a lot of variety and options these days. You’ve finally decided what phone you want to purchase, and then you run into the question “Should I buy a locked, or unlocked phone?” While there are advantages to both options, buying an unlocked phone from an online distributor is becoming more and more of a popular choice. An unlocked phone often leads to freedom from hidden fees and time constraining contracts.

Having an unlocked phone means that a person has the choice of deciding which network carrier they want to use. To use an unlocked phone, all that is required is a SIM card, and one can immediately start accessing websites, music, and messaging. Unlocked phones offer total freedom from contracts, and owners can switch carriers at any given time, unlike with locked phones. This allows phone owners to save money by switching carriers without dealing with cancellation and/or other fees.

Buying an unlocked phone is fairly easy, and can be purchased from a multitude of places. Online stores, carrier stores, and third party companies all offer services to sell unlocked phones. For example, an 850 or 1800 GSM Android phone may be seen for sale. Jailbreaking a phone is another way to obtain an unlocked phone. This is done by taking a phone that is already locked, and using certain software to unlock it. Though this method isn’t considered to be illegal, it’s heavily discouraged by phone companies.

Although it can be costly upfront, the benefits of having an unlocked cell phone are quickly worth the money. Being able to test out carriers without penalty allows a phone owner to really make an informed decision about their service carrier. An 850 or 1800 GSM Android phone is a great place to start for those looking at a phone. By being better informed, cell phone buyers can be more aware of the purchases they are making, and they can use this information to buy a phone that perfectly suits their needs.