The convenience of a laptop has led many to forego using a traditional desktop. They simply take their computer with them wherever they go. While this makes it easy to work at home, on the bus, at the office or anywhere else life takes you, all that moving around creates a major reliance on the charger. It also means you’ll be unplugging all of your peripherals each time you move. For many, an 8440p docking station is the answer.

Some of the available docking stations allow you to connect the printer, mouse, speakers and any other additional hardware to it, rather than the laptop. This means that all you have to do is detach your laptop from the dock to take it with you. When you bring it back, you simply plug it back into the docking station and you are ready to go with all your peripherals attached.

An 8440p docking station is compatible with specific HP Compaq Elite and ProBook models. While there are differing models, most options available include a microphone and headphone port, a mouse and keyboard port, one serial port, one parallel port one VGA, three USB 2.0, one USB 2.0+, one Ethernet port, an integrated cable lock slot and a docking station cable lock slot. All these ports ensure you’ll have everything you need to work.

For some users, purchasing one 8440p docking station for the home and one to leave at the office. This will allow you to take the same computer with you, ensuring that all your work is on the device you’re using wherever you might be.

While you will need an outlet for charging, using an 8440p docking station provides you with increased freedom to work where you want, without worrying about reconnecting all your peripherals each time you move your laptop.