Just about everyone with a smartphone keeps a charger in their car. Why not do the same for your laptop? Carrying a dead phone is no fun, and it’s equally inconvenient to lose laptop power with no access to an electrical socket. That’s why there are so many options for Hewlett Packard EliteBook 8440p owners to keep their batteries full on the road. All you need is the 8440p car charger, and it so happens that many companies manufacture them.

The PWR+ charger outputs 19 volts and 90 watts. As with all PWR+ adapters, it features fail-safes for incorrect voltage, short-circuiting, and overheating. This 8440p car charger also comes with a 30 day warranty, a money back guarantee, and free exchange for 24 months.

The GPK Systems charger for the 8440p EliteBook has a lower wattage of 65, but also comes with a smaller price tag. By design, this charger is intended to save power and be energy efficient. It also comes with a limited full year warranty.

The 12 volt cigarette lighter receptacle is most commonly seen in cars, but that’s not the only place to make use of your HP laptop charger. This standardized port can also be found in boats, RVs, and even airplanes. With the right adapter, this charger can also be used in the home or office.

The 8440p car charger is not entirely proprietary. If you happen to own other Hewlett Packard products, such as certain models of the Pavilion, Revolve, Folio, ProBook, or other EliteBooks, then your car charger will be fully compatible. The female input port for all of these devices are the same size and are interchangeable with other chargers from the HP family. Simply put, it’s one size fits all.

The HP EliteBook 8440p only offers 4.5 hours of battery life on a full charge. Without a charger available at all times, it’s easy to find yourself stuck with a dead laptop. Don’t get caught in this predicament. A car charger for your laptop can be had for less than 20 dollars. Keep one in your glove compartment just in case.