In these modern times, it is rather unlikely that you can make it a day without having to interact with some kind of computer, whether it is a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Regardless of whether or not you own a portable device, you tend to need to use computers in some form throughout the day. Whether it’s for social media, gaming or work, few people are on the computer for just a couple of moments before leaving, making it critical to pick up an 8-inch monitor stand.

One example of a monitor stand you can get is the 3M Adjustable Monitor Stand by 3M. Listed as the number one bestseller in the Monitor Arms and Monitor Stands category, this stand takes up just 16 inches of space and can accommodate devices weighing up to 80 pounds. With 11 inches of space between the columns, there is even room to place a few additional accessories underneath.

From VIVO, the VIVO Hex LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount is another suitable choice to consider. It includes an optional bolt-through mount that allows for heavy duty stability as well as the support for up to six LCD screens measuring up to 24 inches in screen size each.

Another option comes from Mount It in the form of the Mount It Dual Adjustable Height Tilting Rotating Desk Mount Stand. This stand is capable of holding monitors up to 27 inches in screen size and can even rotate a full 360 degrees for the best possible viewing angle, no matter where you install it.

Finally, you can also get the EZM Heax Monitor Mount. This will hold most 28-inch monitors.

The benefits of using an ergonomic 8-inch monitor stand are plentiful, and depending on the exact kind that you purchase, you might even be able to take advantage of several health benefits on top of it. The primary benefit you’ll gain is having a place to put your device such that you can see it without hurting your neck. It can also help with wrist placement for desktop computers.