User friendly, very portable, and with ever growing screen sizes, tablets have easily become a staple of modern technology. Ease of manufacture and featuring adequate amounts of storage make tablets a great tool to have in one’s technological arsenal. Perfect for work or home use, tablets can certainly make one’s life a bit less stressful. However, protecting the tablet is just as important as choosing the right tablet itself.

Tablet covers are a complimentary accessory to protecting one’s tablet in a practical and stylish way. Aside from coming in a myriad of different patterns, styles, and color combinations, tablet covers are also made of different materials. These differences in material allow for each kind of cover to provide diverse methods of protection.

A tablet skin is a type of vinyl, clear coating that provides minor protection against dirt, dust, and debris, but provides zero protection from drops and falls. A tablet sleeve is a lot like a laptop sleeve, in the sense that it is made out of a material that provides cushion, and closes via a zipper that runs around 3 sides. An 8 inch tablet case, for example, may prove to be one of the best methods of overall tablet protection. Built with a form fitting skin and barrier sleeve, tablet cases are very resilient and can provide above average protection against standard drops and falls. Tablet cases, unlike their counterparts, offer the most options when it comes to customization. Some companies advertise making tablet cases completely custom made.

A separate feature to note is that some tablet cases also double as stands for one’s device, or they come with pouches or compartments for other electronic accessories. No matter which level of protection is chosen, from a thin tablet skin to a thick 8 inch tablet case, many sufficient options for tablet protection exist.