Owing to their one handed use and attractive size, 7-inch tablets have gained a lot of popularity on the market. A number of leading brands offer 7-inch tablets. These devices vary greatly in specs, features and operating systems. Android and iOS are the two most common platforms on which 7-inch tablets run. Many different factors must be considered for a 7 inch tablet comparison. This will let choose the appropriate 7 inch tablet for your needs.


7-inch tablets can vary in price from the cheap Chinese versions costing as low as $100 to a number of leading 7 inch tablet brands available in the $400 range. Set a specific budget for the device and look for available options in that price range.


Compare the specs of different 7-inch tablets to determine a device that is suitable for your needs. Look for a device with sufficient processing speed, RAM and storage capacity to support your usage.

Special Features

Consider your needs to determine if there are any special features that you need in the tablet. For instance, determine if having a powerful camera on the tablet is important for you. In that case, you should look for tablet devices known for their camera quality.

Popular 7 inch Tablet Comparison

Apple iPad

Apple has offered several models of the iPad Mini, which is a 7 inch tablet. It features an aluminum build and a sleek look. It gets a 1.2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera. The iPad gets 7.9 inch retina display and is powered by 1.94GHz processor and 2GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

The Tab 4 is another popular 7-inch tablet by the world’s leading smartphone brand. It features a quad-core processor and up to 1GB RAM.

Kindle Fire 7” Tablet

Kindle Fire is a popular Kindle tablet that runs on the Fire OS mode of Android. It features powerful display and a comfortable design. It is powered by 2.2GHz quad-core processor and up to 2GB RAM.