When it comes to getting the most performance out of your computer, having a working knowledge of how to triple the communication speed between the memory controller and the RAM is important. With various kits, you can use dual-, triple- and even qua-channel to get ultimate performance. For most people, a 6GB triple channel kit is a common choice. It will get you the performance you need at a reasonable price, especially when you shop with online retailers.  

One company comes to the forefront when it comes to getting a quality 6GB triple channel kit. Corsair has many different options at different price points making it easy to find exactly what fits your needs and your budget. One option is their Dominator 1600MHz Triple Channel Core i7 DDR3 CAS 7 Memory Kit. It uses highly screened ICs to guarantee performance and over-clockability. Guaranteed to work for a lifetime, this product will increase the speed of your PC tremendously.

If you have the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, the Corsair Dominator 6GB 1600 MHz 240-pin is for you. It has been optimized for this operating system and individually tested to give you peace of mind that it will not fail. It is backed by their industry leading lifetime warranty.

Another manufacturer to consider is OCZ. Their Reaper Series HPC PC3-14400 triple-channel memory kits are designed specifically for the Intel Core i7 processor / Intel X58 Express Chipset. With an ideal combination of low voltage requirements, speed and latency you’ll enjoy optimal performance.

Investing in a 6GB triple channel kit is a wise investment when you desire high performance from your computer. While there are less expensive options than those offered by Corsair and OCZ, these companies are well trusted in the industry and are backed by lifetime warranties and technical support. That’s exactly what you need when you need performance.