If you want to give your old computer a little bit more life and you want better performance out of your PC in general, an investment in more RAM is in order. If you have an iMac PC, you can opt for a kit that will allow you to install another 6GB RAM. RAM is an abbreviated version of “random access memory.” When adding more memory to your personal computer it will make the computer faster, so you get greater performance out of a machine with a lot of memory.

The RAM you buy has to be compatible with your device. It does not matter if the RAM chips look different because the original RAM chips are made by a different manufacturer than the replacement RAM. As long as the RAM is compatible with your device, it should work fine in providing you with more memory and speeding up computer processes. By adding 6GB to your iMac, you are giving yourself access to 6,000 additional megabytes. The additional gigabytes give you more power behind the desktop applications you will use.

If you want to add memory to your Apple iMac, you can get a 6GB RAM DDR2 kit to add to your existing computer. Komputerbay sells the “MacMemory” 6GB RAM DDR2 kit compatible with the iMac 20 inch computer. In fact, the 6GB RAM DDR2 kit is compatible with the iMac 24 inch as well. The kit will only work in Mac computers that support the 6GB DDR2 200 pin memory. Your investment in the kit comes complete with a lifetime warranty.

Compatibility is the all important factor when buying additional RAM for your iMac. Secondary in importance is the price of the additional memory. You can check out your options online now and give yourself the opportunity to save via comparative shopping. Start your RAM search now!