If you are hunting for a high quality 6g iPod Nano speaker, no doubt you are seeking a trendy, visually appealing option. Perhaps you want a speaker with a sleek, cool design. Maybe you are seeking out something that is a bit sporty. Either way, when shopping online you will soon find you have many options to choose from when seeking a good quality, well-built 6g iPod Nano speaker.

One of the leading 6g iPod Nano speaker options for sale is the iHome iH13. This device is a portable protective case you can use to keep the tiny nano device protected. Embedded in the case are two high quality speakers. You can personalize the iH13 6g iPod Nano speaker by choosing the color you desire. The unit is sold in black, blue, green, red, silver, pink, and camo pink. What is nice about the iHome iH13 is that the unit will also work with the iPod shuffle as well as alternative MP3 players.

The iHome iH13 has a zipper enclosure and it serves as a hard protective case. It not only charges the unit for you, but there is a remote control device that comes with the unit. The case is water resistant. You can listen to all your favorite songs via stereo speakers wherever you go too – the case is amazingly portable, light, and ease to tote. The case only weighs 1.5 pounds.

As an alternative, you can also find a 6g iPod Nano speaker bundled in accessory packages for the iPad Nano. Such kits might include things like earphones, a charger, and a cover for the Nano, screen protectors, and a speaker for your device. Either speaker options require batteries to power the devices. So you can see there are many speaker options you can choose, you can start your exploration of options now!