A 6ft heavy duty micro USB cable gives you plenty of cord length to ensure you can plug in and charge your device without having to be right on top of an electrical outlet. With a heavy duty cord in hand, you can depend on the durability of the cord to last as well, thus, you save money in not having to buy continual replacements for the average micro USB charging cable. An examination of the type of features a 6ft heavy duty micro USB cable has will help you better understand all such a cable can provide.

Take for example the strikeLINE™ 6ft heavy duty micro USB cable that is compatible with a number of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, and the Samsung tablet. Schosche adds the convenience of being able to charge your mobile device while simultaneously using it – the extra length of cable gives you the freedom of movement without the fear of ripping the charger out of the outlet by accident. The cable is also equipped with a convenient LED light that turns red once the device you are charging has achieved a full charge. Even better, the cable has the ability to power off on its own once the charging process is finished.

Clearly, Schosche’s 6ft heavy duty micro USB cable hosts features that go far beyond what you can do with the basic charging cable. The company manufactures the cable with an over-molded strain relief then places it inside the main housing made of durable polycarbonate materials. Essentially, this means the cable is resistant to breakage at the base, which is a common issue with other less durable USB chargers. The connector on the end of the cord that goes into your compatible device is slim too, so you can still plug in the cable even if your device is sporting a protective case with a port opening around the charging port. The durability of the heavy duty micro USB chargers alone makes it a device worth having – check out your charging cord options today!