You bought your 6990LVW (Windows 8X) phone because you’re more concerned with productivity than you are with playing a million games of Candy Crush. Your 6990LVW phone allows you to seamlessly move your files and work projects from your desktop computer to your phone and down the road. And because this access to everything that makes your life busy is so important to you, you’re going to want to protect your investment with a 6990LVW case.

MyBat offers a range of styles, colors, and features in their cases. The most popular option is their Advanced Armor Rugged Durable Hybrid Case. This case is made up of two pieces: an inner rubberized case surrounded by a hard plastic cover. Combined, the two case components provide superior shock protection in the case of drops, knocks, and bumps. The rubberized inner shell has raised tactile buttons and cutouts to make access to all features, including the camera, charger port, and auxiliary port. The hard plastic outer shell includes a handy kick stand for easy hands-free viewing in both portrait and landscape orientations. You can choose from black, pink, purple, and white depending on your preference. This case is the highest rated (and has the most reviews) of any of the 6990LVW cases on Amazon.

The second most popular 6990LVW case on Amazon is the MyBat Premium Tuff Case. This unique case comes in 3 pieces: a silicone inner case and a two-piece clamshell outer case. As with the MyBat Advanced Armor case, the Premium Tuff case has raised silicone buttons and cutouts for the phone features. The buyer can choose between an eye-catching electric green and black case or a conversation starting case that looks just like a mug of frothy beer. No matter what case is chosen, it’s sure to offer the kind of protection your Windows phone needs. Take some time to check out the cool case options you have right now and see for yourself what a quality case can offer.