It can be frustrating when you are on the go and your laptop charger breaks down. A good way to avoid this is to always having a spare charger. For those Apple laptop owners looking to replace or get an extra one for traveling purposes, a 65w magsafe power adapter is what you need. There are both genuine Apple power adaptors and other brands to choose from.

The first option is the Genuine Apple 65W Power Adapter. This unit comes with an AC extension power cord which is 6 feet in length and is ideal for iBook and PowerBook G4 laptops. This power adaptor is built to handle inputs of AC power 110-240V at 50-60Hz. The output of the unit is DC 24.5 Volt at 2.65 Amps, 65 Watts. This unit is not suitable for MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

The second option is the NEW 60W MagSafe Power Adapter Charger. This charger is designed for use with the Apple MacBook and 13 inch MacBook Pro. There is a clever magnetic connection between the laptops charging port and the cable to allow it to cleanly break off when pulled or tripped over and this prevents accidents from occurring. This charger comes in a unique space saving design and allows for effective charging of the laptop battery. The unit has a weight of 8.8 ounces.

The third option is the 60W AC Power Adapter Charger. This unit is designed for Apple Macbook and 13 inch Macbook Pro. This charger has a magnetic connector as well as an L-shaped connector to provide a low profile when charging your laptop. This 60 Watt charger comes with an AC power cord. The charger can handle inputs of 100-240 Volts and provide for an output of 16.5 Volts at 3.65 Amps, 60 Watts.

Not all of the units above are specifically a 65w magsafe power adapter as some are for newer or older models of the various Apple Laptops. However, everyone will find the correct charger perfect for the exact laptop that they have.