Enjoy extra flexibility and mobility with a 6 inch USB extension M/F. Don’t limit yourself to the use of awkward USB ports or the distance to which a cable allows. With a connector in place, you can do so much more with a USB port and USB-connected devices.

Do you need to use bulky USB devices like an external hard drive, tablet or digital camera? If the cable that comes with them are short, you an easily extend it with a USB extension. 6 inches is long enough without causing tangles or wire clutter. Choose a cable with a male/female (M/F) adapter for added flexibility. Most USB-connected devices have male heads that require a female connector. You can then connect the other male connector to your computer’s USB port.

When choosing an item, make sure to look into how well-constructed the entire extension is, from one head to the other. The insulated cable must feel sturdy and durable. The female head is best fully covered, as it will be the one exposed to the elements, as both male ports are firmly attached to USB ports on a computer and a device.

While USB cables are often perceived as it is, the best ones should have high transmit and transfer speed. 480 Mbps speed is good enough, ensuring that transfer of music, videos and files of any size can be done quickly and without interruption.

Also, take note of the model. USB 2.0 is the most common. But there are also micro-USB and USB 3.0. The 6 inch USB extension M/F you choose must be compatible.

Some USB extensions have gold plated contacts for maximum conductivity, similar to the Mediabridge USB 2.0 – USB Extension Cable. The gold plating also help minimize data loss. Are you now ready to shop for a 6 inch USB extension M/F connector?