If you have a 6 Plus phone, you are going to need a screen protector to keep it from shattering. A 6 Edge Plus tempered glass screen protector is made especially for your phone to protect the main screen, as well as the edge of the screen. This way, you don’t have to worry in case you accidentally drop your phone.

The S6 Edge Plus Screen Protector, AOKDO Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film will fit your Samsung phone securely to protect it from damage. The screen protector comes in a variety of colors to match the color of your S6. The curved edges are designed to match the edges of your smartphone. The clarity is 99.99%, so you won’t miss anything after your screen protector is applied.

Another option is the TouffTek Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ultra Slim HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This protector is completely clear, so you don’t have to worry about matching it to the color of your smartphone. The slim glass is 0.3mm, so you won’t even know it is there. The touchscreen allows for high accuracy, and will attach smoothly so there are no annoying bubbles on the screen.

Spots8 Full Body Protection Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is a screen protector that keeps the entire phone safe. It comes in a clear color, so you will hardly know it is there. It has anti-scratch technology, self-healing material, and maximum protection without affecting the performance of your smartphone. If you are looking for an invisible case to keep your phone safe, this is the one for you.

A 6 Edge Plus tempered glass screen protector is a must have to install as soon as you receive your smartphone. This way, you won’t have to worry about your screen breaking in case of a bump or drop.