A picture frame is an essential accessory for every family’s home. Picture frames are great for displaying your best family pictures on your mantle or table tops for guests to see and admire. There are various types of photo frames available for you to choose from, and the 5×7 picture frame side by side is a timeless and classic one. The benefit of such a frame is that two of your best looking family portraits can be displayed together side by side.

The Collage Picture Frame by AmericanFlat is one such 5×7 picture frame side by side. The design of this frame features two side by side 5×7 inch openings on a white mat, encased within a black wooden frame with a smooth molding. It is great for displaying two of your favourite memories side by side in one frame. The build quality of this frame is great because it is made of durable wood that’s built to last, with a clear glass front that will protect and preserve your pictures. It is a ready to hang model that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Malden Liner Black Picture Frame is another great picture frame, which holds two 5 inch by 7 inch pictures vertically. It is different from the earlier mentioned product because while the first is one frame that can house two pictures, this picture frame is actually made up of two frames joined at the sides with a hook that lets you fold the frame and place it as per your liking on the table. The two separate frames can hold two of your favorite pictures in a portrait format.

A 5×7 picture frame in side by side design looks great on any display table or cabinet. You can always add new ones for your family to enhance those lovely photos that are lying inside a drawer somewhere.