It’s always convenient to have a spare external battery pack for the 5200mAh portable charger. This is especially the case for those that travel frequently. Different chargers are compatible with different devices, but typically a 5200mAh portable charger external battery pack will charge the device to at least 80%, if not a full charge and then some. Your job now becomes finding an external battery pack that’s compatible with a 5200mAh portable charger.

An excellent option for an external battery power bank is the Anker Astro E1 5200mAh Candy bar-sized ultra-compact portable charger. It’s got high-speed charger PowerIQ technology to speed up the overall charging process. Anker, as a brand, is impressive because they’ve powered over ten million users thanks to their leading technology.

For something a little more powerful, there’s of course the 6000mAh ultra-slim external battery by EasyAcc. It comes in black, solid black, blue, and white. The intelligent technology within this particular device pushes the perfect amount of power to your device, up to 2.4A, while automatically detecting what type of device you have. It achieves the same charging performance but used an original power adapter.

A good travel charger is the pop 5200mAh portable charger external battery made by Jackery that has advanced technology and a high-capacity battery. It’s a dual USB portable batter and travel charger for the Apple iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, and the iPad Air. However, it is compatible with Android devices as well. It will do 1-2 full charges for the Samsung Galaxy, for example.

Having at least one 5200mAh portable charger external battery pack is always convenient when you could be on the move at any second. It’s something you can take with you while you’re on the go, so it’s the ideal gift for those who travel a lot, camp a lot, or spend time away from home frequently.