The great beauty of the age we live in is that we have so many new ways to connect to the Internet. Where once you had to have a grounded telephone line, you now can have access to the web on your phone miles away from the nearest plug. But regardless of whether you use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, there will be interruptions: the signal was lost, or the network is transmitting data too slowly, or you are just out of reach of the signal. The best way to ensure that you have the fastest internet connection is to use a 50 ft. white Ethernet Cat6 cable.

The Cable Matters Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cable lets you connect a compatible device directly to the Internet with a fast and reliable connection especially when it matters. A Cat6 Ethernet cable has a much shorter wait time between sending a signal and receiving a signal than a wireless network—using a Cat6 can cut out aggravating lag while gaming online or loading data.

The Cat 6 cable can supports bandwidth for up to 550 MHz for high-speed data transfers. Downloading large files or streaming HD video can happen in an instant. There’s also the added benefit of security: while wireless data can be accessed by anyone on the network, the only way to hack an Ethernet connection is to be plugged into the router. With 50 ft. ofwhite Ethernet Cat6 cable to work with, you can place your desktop computer or game system where you want instead of worrying about reaching the Ethernet port.

The biggest trade-off between Wi-Fi and Ethernet is mobility. Wi-Fi can be accessed without a plug but it can be interrupted easily by little things, like being too near a microwave or too many users on the network. Ethernet is reliable, but it keeps you grounded. Whichever way you go about it, Ethernet is definitely faster.