Speakers without wires? Is that even possible? With Bluetooth speakers, it is. These speakers use the same Bluetooth technology that lets you share files on your device with other devices. So, a high quality listening experience without the use of any kind of wire is possible.

Bluetooth is already proven to be a great advancement in the wireless world. In fact, laptops, cellphones and other gadgets use Bluetooth not only to transfer files, but to connect other gadgets like headphones, earphones, keyboards and small printers, without the hassle of wires. So today, even speakers can be conveniently connected to gadgets via Bluetooth.

Although there are wireless speakers which use radio frequency and Infra-Red technology, these types have limits. For instance, frequency can suffer from problems on reception and interference, while Infra-Red requires the devices to be aligned to each other, resulting in less movability. Bluetooth Speakers, on the other hand, works without restrictions, as long as the two devices are within a certain distance – often very lengthy – from each other.

Some events require heavy duty battery capacity. Fortunately, there are 500 watt portable rechargeable Bluetooth speakers ready to be purchased.

EMB has a portable Bluetooth karaoke boom box, which not only allows you to connect your gadget and play your choice of songs, it also has an SD card slot and a wireless microphone. Pyle also offers a Street Blaster Bluetooth speaker, with a high output speaker system, AUX, microphone, guitar and DC power jack, and NFC streaming, apart from the Bluetooth connection. An added bonus is the cool LED lights that pulse to the beat of the music.

You could also try Acoustic Audio’s portable Bluetooth speaker, with USB/SD card port and two wireless microphones. Some other features include treble, mid, bass and master controls, adjustable pole mount for speaker stand and added bass response.

500 watt portable rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for any event, even when you just want to chill at home and listen to your favorite music. Say goodbye to the hassle of wires and short battery life span with these great Bluetooth speakers.