Setting up your home or office for wireless internet allows you to take full advantage of your many Internet-capable products. From phones and gaming consoles to Wi-Fi enabled DVD players and radios, we own far more than just our computers that can provide better service with an Internet connection. A 500 Mbps wireless router offers super fast bandwidth that lets all your devices work at top speeds.

Some brands such as TP-LINK offer routers like the JINGY JOE 500 Mbps wireless router. This model provides exactly the speed you want when wired to the device. The wireless rate is not as fast, at about 300 Mbps. This can be a decent option if you don’t have that many devices to connect.

For truly wireless Internet, a router like the Amped Wireless Titan provides higher than 500 Mbps speeds. You will experience virtually no lag times when gaming or streaming, and the dual core processor allows everyone in your house to use the Internet without overloading the router. The Amped Wireless router has a long range to cover your entire house or office, and comes with in-house technical support.

Linksys manufactures the WRT AC1900 wireless router that again offers more than 500 Mbps. This model uses four adjustable antennas to ensure that your wireless signal reaches every part of multi-level homes and office buildings. Data transfer can be done instantly with the high speed wireless router, and the Linksys model include built-in parental controls and a guest network option.

To truly achieve 500 Mbps with your wireless router, consider upgrading to a model that can reach 600 Mbps or more. This will ensure that no matter what the conditions or layout of your home or office, you will always get at least 500 Mbps. Extra features like technical support and parental controls allow you to customize your wireless router for exactly the Internet experience you need.