When upgrading your computer to a 500 gig hard drive, there are many options to consider. An external hard drive provides a secondary storage location to back up your files, and is portable so you can carry work between the office and home. An internal hard drive will improve the speed and overall performance of your computer or laptop, preventing you from having to purchase a new machine to experience the latest in speed and storage capabilities.

Western Digital manufactures options in either of these categories. For an external 500 gig hard drive, the WD 500GB Elements Portable External Hard Drive offers ultra-fast data transfer speeds and a free trial of Western Digital’s automatic cloud backup software. The internal WD Blue 500GB HDD are designed to operate quietly and to lower the temperature inside your machine for energy savings.

Another external 500 gig hard drive option is Toshiba’s Canvio hard drive. Made for carrying with you between work, school, home, or a job site, these hard drives are designed with shock prevention technology so your data won’t be lost or corrupted in a fall. These hard drives need no installation or other adapters. Simply plug into your computer and the device is ready to go.

Seagate manufactures an internal 500 gig hard drive that has both mainstream laptop or PC and industrial computer applications. Your computer will boot up, launch apps, run software, and transfer data with virtually no wait time. Seagate backs up their product with a two year warranty.

Whether you need storage on the go, or a complete upgrade to your existing laptop or PC, a 500 gig hard drive offers you all the space and speed to meet your needs. Customize an existing computer to avoid the hefty price of a new machine, and carry an external hard drive for convenient back up. Your files, photos, videos, and more are protected and easy to access on a 500 gig hard drive.