Your iMac computer can last many more years that you might suspect if maintained properly. Upgrading an older model iMac to a 500gb serial ATA hard drive can improve the data storage, performance capability, and overall speed of your iMac. There is no need to purchase a whole new computer with this simple upgrade.

The Lenovo 500gb serial ATA hard drive for iMac is ideal for storing large amounts of data for your small business or personal needs. It is a reliable drive with enhanced vibration control to ensure that your drive will last as long as possible. Reduce your energy costs and enhance the integrity of your entire machine.

For a wide variety of applications, Hitachi offers the Ultrastar A7K2000 model 500gb serial ATA hard drive for iMac. In addition to the standard vibration safeguard and additional storage space, Hitachi offers data warehousing and mining capabilities. It also boasts a very small footprint to achieve a higher performance. The Ultrastar model uses less than 1W of power during sleep mode to lower your energy costs.

Another great option for your iMac is the HP 500gb serial ATA hard drive. They offer this drive in both a 3.5-inch and a 2.5-inch option to fit any iMac generation. HP is a trusted brand name that applies strict quality control tests to its products. This serial ATA hard drive will also boost your speed and lower your energy costs, as well as provide all the storage you need for your digital life.

As computers upgrade to better performing, faster models every year, it can be tempting to toss out your otherwise perfect iMac. Upgrading your existing model to a 500gb serial ATA hard drive for iMac saves you money and time. Keeping your machine performing as long as possible also reduces waste to help protect our planet.