The Apple iMac is a customer favorite in desktop computer technology. By including all of the necessary components inside a single unit, setup and moving is incredibly easy. However, replacing or upgrading certain components can be a lot more difficult due to the slim form factor of the iMac, so finding the right components can be a little tricky. Accessing the hard drive can also be a bit of a challenge, but if you’re looking to find a 500 GB Serial ATA hard drive for iMac, you’re in luck with this selection featuring the leading brands in disk drive manufacturers.

Serial ATA – or SATA – is the standard interface technology used in hard drives today. iMacs utilize this technology for fast access to your files and programs, as well as reduced boot time. Fortunately, Apple uses standard SATA hard drive technology, and a 500 GB Serial ATA Hard Drive for iMac is no different than one for a PC or any other desktop computer. The key thing to remember is 3.5″, as that is the proper housing size you’ll need for an iMac SATA drive.

Starting with Western Digital, their 500 GB Caviar Blue SATA drive meets all comparable standards in SATA drive technology as well as providing serious storage while operating quietly and cool. In fact, if you’re looking for a bit more space, Western Digital also provides their Caviar Black 1 TB SATA drive, all compatible with iMac.

But if you’re looking for an external solution, DongCoh provides 500 GB External USB 2.0 and 3.0 hard drives that are ready to be plugged into your iMac. These SATA drives don’t require any advanced installation and are great for meeting extra storage needs. Because these drives use smaller size 2.5″ drives inside their enclosure, it makes transporting the drive much easier.

Because you can format any hard drive to Apple’s OS X specifications, you’re bound to find any hard drive of any size that will work with your iMac, and this selection will provide you with an extremely affordable solution to meet your storage needs.