Spending large blocks of time in front of the computer is almost unavoidable between your work, hobbies, going to school, and staying in touch with family. Every second you spend waiting for a slow loading program or data transfer is time you could spend doing what’s important. The 500gb Samsung 840 EVO mSATA solid state drive is an excellent upgrade to improve the speed and efficiency of your laptop or PC.

The EVO series by Samsung is designed to be compact and light, so your laptop remains completely portable. They do not sacrifice speed and storage capabilities to achieve the small size. 500gb of storage is more than enough to back up your personal files, and never lose any of your pictures or music.

One feature of the 500gb Samsung 840 EVO mSATA solid state drive is TurboWrite technology. This provides speeds up to 520 Mbps, meaning your computer will start and launch applications faster. Get your work done faster without lag in data transfer.

The physical body of the drive is both vibration resistant and shock resistant, so a fall won’t cause you to lose your data. Samsung designed the drive to use less energy, so your laptop’s battery life is extended. It also generates less heat, keeping the internal components of your laptop safe.

Samsung also includes Data Migration software. This makes the process of transferring and backing up your large files easier. All the guesswork of installing your 500gb Samsung 840 EVO msSATA solid state drive is removed.

Having a computer that responds to your needs instantly respects your valuable time. Upgrading to a Samsung mSATA SSD keeps your otherwise perfectly maintained laptop or PC running efficiently for years. Installation is easy and the many included features are designed to make your time at the computer as productive as possible.