Based on our selfie culture needs alone, built-in storage space for mobile phones is never going to be enough. Add citizen journalists, avid photographers, music lovers and gaming addicts in the fray and you have more people clamoring for that extra memory.

Most devices have the option for a microSD, a type of removable flash memory card. It’s the size of your fingernail but can store massive data. Not only meant for mobile phones, microSD cards can also be used in portable media players, audio players, handheld gaming consoles, digital cameras and expandable USB flash drives.

The classic microSD is available to store up to two GB. Between four GB and 32 GB, you would need a microSD HC. The MicroSD XC is meant for extreme users like those looking for 500 GB microSD, with storage up to 3TB. Keep in mind that you need to check for device compatibility before you purchase.

One fine example for the consummate user who may need 500 GB microSD is the SanDisk Extreme PRO 512 GB UHS-I/U3 SDXC Flash Memory Card. This product is engineered to capture 4K Ultra High Definition and has a built-in write protect switch to avoid accidental data loss. For those who plan on doing action shots, the PNY Elite Performance 512 GB SDXC is another option. It is ideal for High Performance DLSR cameras and HD camcorders. Both SanDisk and PNY have amazing transfer rates that go up to 95 MB/s and are built and tested to survive harsh conditions like extreme temperature, shock and exposure to water and x-ray.

Whether you plan on taking copious amount of selfies or planning on filming that next big breaking news story, a 500 GB microSD for your handheld gadget is the answer. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss that moment because you’re out there deleting apps and old photos to free up precious storage space.