Building your own high-performance laptop or netbook allows you to get exactly what you need from your device. Installing a 500gb laptop SATA hard drive gives you all the storage and performance capability of a larger machine without sacrificing the portability of a laptop. These hard drives are made in super slim designs that fit in a wide variety of devices, including laptops, netbooks, and gaming consoles.

Seagate manufactures a 500gb laptop SATA hard drive that is lightweight and easy to install. Slim enough for a laptop or a netbook, this hard drive also includes a 7200 RPM option. It has encryption technology built-in to protect your data, and is backed by a two-year warranty. Upgrade your existing laptop with the Seagate 500gb SATA hard drive to extend the life of an outdated machine.

Western Digital is another well-known brand that makes 500gb laptop SATA hard drives. These drives offer high-speed performance rates for gamers, photographers, and videographers. They come with a five-year warranty, and many safe guards to ensure your hard drive stays safe, such as vibration control, corruption protection, and NoTouch ramp load technology.

For an energy-efficient model, HGST offers the Travelstar 500gb SATA laptop hard drive. This product is halogen-free and the lower battery consumption allows you to work on-the-go longer. Less energy consumption means less heat is produced by the drive, which in turn keeps the rest of your laptop’s internal workings safe. A three-year warranty is included with the Travelstar hard drive.

Many other brands offer similar 500gb laptop SATA hard drives such as Hitachi and Samsung. Each offer warranties and excellent performance technologies. Upgrading your existing devices, or building your own laptop, allows you to customize your machine for exactly your needs. Game faster, open and run large apps instantly, and never worry about losing your files.