Freeing up storage space on your computer helps it perform faster and reduces the chance that you may lose important files due to an overloaded device. Rather than storing your files on dozens of small flash drives, a 500gb external hard drive is a convenient way to store or back up your files in one secure location. Simply plug the device into your computer and drag files into the appropriate folder.

For your Windows 7 computer, Seagate offers the Expansion 500gb external hard drive. Windows will recognize the device without any installation on your part, so file transfer is quick and easy. This 500gb external hard drive for your Windows 7 computer is small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can carry your files with you anywhere.

Toshiba manufactures the Canvio Slim 500gb external hard drive. This device comes with preloaded back up software and password protection, so no matter what your files, pictures, and videos are safe. This 500gb external hard drive is compatible with Windows 7, and also allows you to access the data stored on the device through the Internet or with your mobile phone. Share your family photos easily without having to carry the drive with you.

Another stylish option is the My Passport Essential 500gb external hard drive for Windows 7 from Western Digital. These hard drives are made with attractive outer shells that come in four color choices. They also offer an automatic backup feature that will continuously ensure your data is safe.

A 500gb external hard drive is an easy way to carry all your important files with you. Back up data from your main computer, and improve your computer’s performance by storing your files on an external hard drive. Accessing your files through the Internet or your mobile phone is easy with the many options to choose from, and attractive hard drives are pleasing to use.