For the past few decades, the major innovation in hard drives has been an ever-increasing amount of space. Where a 1GB hard drive once seemed like an excessive amount, we now have hard drives that are a thousand times that size. Now, hard drive manufacturers have turned their attention away from size towards speed, giving birth to the solid-state drive, or SSD. This hard drive accesses data at speeds much faster than a normal hard drive, letting you open programs in the blink of an eye. While you won’t find a 500GB Corsair SSD in the company’s catalog, you will find a 480GB Corsair SSD available for purchase.

The Corsair Neutron XT 480GB SSD is one of the premier SSDs the company makes. While a casual computer user may not need the speed of an SSD, for hardcore computer users, such as a gamer, an SSD is a godsend. For example, loading times in games are a thing of the past as the SSD will load most levels before you even see the loading bar. For professional photographers or videographers, the fast transfer rate of an SSD will let you transfer large files to your computer in no time flat. The Corsair Neutron XT features a read speed of 560MB/s and a write speed of 540MB/s, meaning that even among SSDs this drive is incredibly fast. With end-to-end data path protection, Corsair guarantees that their SSD is 100 percent protected against data corruption.

If you’re looking for those extra 20GB, you’re going to have to purchase a brand other than Corsair. Some popular choices include the Crucial BX100 500GB and the Samsung 840 Series Solid State Drive.

While it may not be a 500GB Corsair SSD, you likely won’t miss those extra 20GB with your Neutron XT. Even if you decide to go with a 500GB SSD from a different manufacturer, you’ll still get to take advantage of blistering fast drive speeds. You’ll never go back to a regular hard drive again after experiencing the speed of an SSD.