With the onset of growing desktop applications and increasing speed in data transmission, it is important for your computer system to keep up by improving its performance. A massive-capacity SATA (serial ATA) hard drive is a perfect choice for storing and transferring heaps of electronic data thanks to improved bandwidth, built in hot-swap capabilities that are great for those who cannot afford downtime. This is particularly very handy for people in the networking field or media (film, video, new media, etc.) as the hard drive of typical laptops and PCs have slower data transmission as well as more required power in running heavy operations.

When choosing a SATA hard drive, select one that has large storage capacity and provides fast data transfer rates. Western Digital offers 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drives for notebooks, desktops as well as mobile devices like PS3. Seagate produces Barracuda model that works well with heavy duty desktops, and a laptop thin model (perfect for entry-level to high-performance ultraportable laptops) that is slim and lightweight with laptop encryption as option.

Toshiba also produces 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drives that will perform great on gaming PCs, home servers as well as digital video recorders. It boasts of a Ramp Load technology for improved protection and advanced mechanical design that lessens noise during operation. Toshiba SATA hard drives are available from 500 GB to 3 TB. You can also check out HGST’s Travelstar SATA hard drive that works perfectly with Macbooks. The SATA hard drives are within the price range of $40-$60 and backed by a limited warranty. To ensure optimum performance compatible for your work, you can stress-test your hard drive under a heavy usage environment.

Make your work easier by using 500 GB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive designed to meet your high storage demand and efficient computer applications.