Technology moves at ever-increasing speeds to keep up with our demanding schedules. Your laptop computer or gaming console may be a few years old and behind on the latest developments, but you don’t have to toss it out just yet. A simple upgrade to a 500gb 2 1/2 inch SATA hard drive can make your device run like new.

SATA hard drives transfer data faster and more efficiently than the parallel ATA hard drives used before. They also use thinner cables than older models, which allows air to flow easier within your computer. Less heat generated inside means your computer will use less energy trying to cool itself. It also extends the life of your device by avoiding over-heated parts or melted plastic.

500 gigabytes is enough storage space to hold over one million average picture files, or over a thousand video files. The average computer user will never run out of room with a 500gb 2 1/2 inch SATA hard drive. Even for those who use their computers heavily for work or personal projects, this much storage will reliably keep your data safe until you wish to back up.

Many well-known name brands offer 500gb 2 1/2 inch SATA hard drives. Toshiba, Seagate, Western Digital, and Lenovo all manufacture excellent options that usually come with warranties. Some SATA hard drives can be installed in gaming consoles to improve your streaming and storage capabilities. Others include built-in encryption options to keep your personal information safe.

With every new upgrade in technology comes a big price tag. You don’t have to spend a large amount every year in order to stay up-to-date. A 500gb 2 1/2 inch SATA hard drive will extend the life of your laptop computer or older gaming console, saving you money without sacrificing the speed and efficiency of the latest devices.