There are many things to consider when purchasing or upgrading a laptop. Storage capacity is a very important factor. Your laptop holds everything from work, movies, family pictures, and music, to personal projects, financial information, and games. With your whole life on a single computer, having enough storage is critical.

Purchasing a laptop with a 500gb hard drive, such as an Asus X551MA, is a great way to get the storage you need right away. A brand new laptop will also come with the latest software and top-of-the-line security measures. Your sensitive personal information can be kept in a single safe place.

For your existing laptop, installing 500gb hard drive is easier than you think. There are many brands to compare, such as Seagate, HGST, and Western Digital. All offer excellent quality 500gb internal hard drives that will upgrade your laptop’s memory. You won’t have to transfer your files and data to a new computer, and you can improve the speed on your machine exponentially.

Most models come with a warranty, and are designed to maximize the life of your laptop’s battery. The standard size of 9.5mm will fit a typical laptop, but some ultra thin machines may need a slimmer option. HGST offers a 7mm hard drive for this reason.

Upgrading your laptop’s storage capacity will improve your gaming experience. Upload and play your games faster, and experience less crashes. Reliable laptop memory lets you focus on your high score.

A 500gb hard drive for your laptop is an excellent upgrade to improve the storage, speed, and performance of your machine. When you’re due for a new one, choose a laptop with a 500gb hard drive to enjoy these benefits even easier. Gamers, businessmen, bloggers, or anyone with important data, can improve the longevity of their laptop by installing a 500gb hard drive.