Staying connected to the Internet is vital for many aspects of your life. Wi-Fi is often an essential tool around the job site, when traveling, or for social events. A 500ft Wi-Fi extender can help ensure that this tool is available to you, your family, or your employees anywhere.

Some models like the Amped Wireless Wi-Fi extender are designed for a home office. The simple plug-in design looks great in your home, and the device does not sacrifice speed as it eliminates any Wi-Fi dead spots. Use your Internet access in your garage or while walking around your property just as if you were indoors. It also includes safety features that allow you to limit access during certain hours of the day.

Other brands such as ATEN manufacture 500ft Wi-Fi extenders that use a transmitter and a receiver. In potentially hazardous locations like construction sites and factories, this model is built to withstand tough use. Amped Wireless offers Wi-Fi extenders that allow gamers to play at the highest speeds. Host parties at your local gaming store without cramming into the best Wi-Fi hotspot.

Most 500ft Wi-Fi extenders will connect to any Wi-Fi capable device. Printers, DVD players, computers, and televisions are all supported. For Mac users, Amped Wireless offers models compatible with Apple networking features. Many also allow you to control exactly how far your extended network reaches.

Your Internet access shouldn’t be limited by proximity to your router. A 500ft Wi-Fi extender makes the most of your connection, allowing you, your friends, or your employees to get exactly what they need. You could give a live video tour of your property online, maintain connection with your crew on a large construction site, check online instructions for a project in the garage, or simply enjoy the fast and secure connection anywhere in your home.