Just discovered your old gaming console from decades ago? If you’re looking for a genuine retro gaming experience, you’re not going to be able to use HDMI cables to connect the display. In this case, you’ll need to get some component cables and RCA cables. If your plugs are far and few between, consider getting a 500ft RCA cable to give you plenty of room.

To begin, one option is the SIIG 16-Gauge Black Speaker Wire, which comes in a 500-foot increment. This comes with red and white cables wrapped inside a thicker, protective black casing to deliver a high-quality audio sound in a safe manner. This is the perfect cable to use for an amplifier, a speaker or an A/V receiver.

Need a different kind of cable? Try out the GLS Audio Premium 12 Gauge 500ft Speaker Wire, suitable for amplifiers, speakers and A/V receivers as well. Along with the lengthy cable, you’ll receive a spool to easily store it when not in use and to help install it without tangles. Each conductor features 252 strands for optimal performance.

If you’re searching for another type of copper cable, look no further than the Master Cable 14 Gauge 105 Strand Pure Copper Cable. It is also available in a 16-gauge design as well as 250-foot length choice. The cable is designed to never kink, so you don’t have to worry about the length being a problem.

Finally, if that’s still not enough, you can work with the VideoSecu 50-Foot Extension Cable. While it may not be 500 feet, the cable still tends to work in most settings as with a 50-foot length.

RCA cables are the most commonly used ones for audio — these are the ones that have the red and white connectors, though sometimes it is a red and black connector. It’s easy to hook up a 500ft RCA cable into a DVD player, VCR or a retro gaming console to produce basic sound. Typically, you’d find these cables bundled with video cables, but you can find longer cables on their own.