Cat7 Ethernet cables are available in different lengths, feet or meters. Ethernet cables online can go with any length. Unless you are building up on something of a huge connection within your neighborhood, a 500 feet cat7 ethernet cable is more sufficient. Ideally, for a home network, 30 to 100 feet are what you need to setup your home Internet. The following Cat7 Ethernet cables might as well answer your need in cable Internet matters.

There are many Cat7 specs to choose from but the 500 feet Cat7 Ethernet Cable Flat with clips, jadaol® Ethernet Patch Cable with Snagless Shielded (STP) Rj45 Connectors seems to possess the most of the benefits. Using Cat7 Ethernet cable can also be compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and cat6a, “Cat” stands for “category.” The 500 feet cat7 Ethernet cable you’re looking might be impossible to find for now, but the 100 feet is much more than you could ask for. This SSTP shielded Ethernet standard cable provides a boosting performance of up to 600 MHz and is uses 50-micron gold plated pins in each shielded RJ45 connectors.

The Cat7 flat cable is ergonomically designed to adapt high-performing network applications and is used in routers, ADSL, adapters, hubs, modems, PS3, PS4, X-box, and patch panels. The flat designed cable is safer against torn and twisted wires met against poor attachment on rugged surfaces, allowing you to enjoy network speed which is almost flawless.

Flat Ethernet cables are easier to fit under furniture because they are skinnier, more flexible and can slip better under rugs and carpets without sacrificing the wires inside. If you have a laptop or a notebook and you prefer a cable that you can engage and disengage whenever you want to, the Tera Grand – Premium Cat7 is a 10 GB retractable cable for a modem, router and LAN network. Also with 24k hardened gold contacts, you can be assured of excellent bandwidth which can go way beyond 600 megahertz. This goes with the wishful and lengthy 500 feet cat7 Ethernet cable but comes with a trendy packaging that looks like a small Bluetooth mouse housing where you retract the cable anytime and portable enough to bring along.

Wise people maximize the network performance in their home or office by getting over the roadblocks. They choose the most modern Ethernet cables that will boost up their connection and enjoy a hassle free web surfing.