If you have noticed the network running a bit slow on your office computer, it may be time for an Ethernet cable upgrade. An Ethernet cable is used to connect several computers together to create a network. It is thanks to the Ethernet cable that you are able to easily share data between computers and connect to printers, scanners, and other devices in the office. These cables need to be able to share information and allow computers to utilize the network facilities. When the cable you’re using becomes overloaded from too much data being processed, upgrading to a cable that is made to handle larger amounts of data, such as the 500 feet Cat 6 Ethernet cable is a wise investment. Always buy from trusted brands, such as Monster, Duronic, or Gembird.

There are a few common Ethernet cables used in office settings today. The two most common of which are the Cat 5 and Cat 5e cables. To put it simply, the Cat 5 Ethernet cable is the old industry standard while the Cat 5e Ethernet cable is a simplified and improved version of the Cat 5. Many offices and telecommunications setups still use the Cat 5 though most have upgraded to the Cat 5e. If you are using the Cat 5e and experiencing network issues, consider upgrading to the newer 500 feet Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

The 500 feet Cat 6 Ethernet cable is built to handle much larger amounts of data than the Cat 5e. This cable is the perfect solution for any computer networking situation where you’re running close to or at your network’s maximum data capacity. The Cat 6 cable is larger, sturdier, and able to transfer larger amounts of data at a much faster transfer rate speed than the Cat 5e cable. The 500 foot length will allow you to connect multiple computers through your office.