Proper storage of your dvds is what keeps them working for years to come. Many people are in search of 500 capacity dvd storage. There are quite a few places to find the best way to store your dvds, but not all of them are sturdy or will keep your movies protected. By searching on the Internet for the best products, you will find a great selection. Be sure that the 500 capacity dvd storage unit that you find is ideal for your lifestyle and for the amount of dvds that you have.

ILogic makes a great 500 capacity dvd storage case. It is made of real leather and you can purchase one with different colors of trim. The basic one has black trim, but you can also get red or purple trim. This dvd case holds 520 movies and is sturdy and weatherproof. It will surely protect all of your special movies. The case itself is PVC and acid free.

Linkyo is another company that makes a great 500 capacity dvd storage case. It is black with red trim and is made of faux leather. It is quite sturdy and is waterproof and heat resistant. This will protect your movies and keep them like new for years to come. It holds up to 520 dvds and includes a wide handle and a shoulder strap for carrying around.

Prepa makes a 500 capacity dvd storage shelf. This shelf will look great in any living room or family room. It has adjustable shelves and holds up to 588 dvds. It is easy to assemble and creates a lot of space for storing all of your movies. It is black in color and very durable.

Proper care of your movies is important if you wish to continue to watch them for years to come. All of these options are great for you to store them in a safe place.