File transfers are made even more convenient with the availability of flash drives. When you have no way to connect to the cloud or other online file storage, they provide an excellent alternative. From 1GB, you can now buy 50GB flash drive. Imagine what you can save with such capacity. That is a lot of music and photos, hundreds of documents and files, and several videos. The storage capacity even rivals some models of tablets.

In a world where data has become a vital commodity and file transfer is no longer restricted, owning a flash drive is essential. But you can enjoy bigger capacity without the need to drag an external hard drive when you purchase a 50GB flash drive. Unlike an external drive, no need to use a USB cable to connect a flash drive to a computer. It is as portable as it can get.

When choosing a flash drive, size should just be one of the determining factors. Transfer speed should take precedence above all else. Check out the read and write speeds. If they are not indicated, choose a product by brand. Among the most trusted name is PNY. Many satisfied users swear by its functionality, reliability and durability. PNY USB flash drive lasts the test of time, and time in storage drive context means constant use and abuse. Another popular brand is SanDisk that offers storage size of up to 64GB and more.

Don’t forget to choose a flash drive that is compatible with the most used USB port – USB 2.0. But some items are now USB 3.0-compatible as well. When it comes to style and color, flash drives are just as trendy as the next shoe. They can come with a cap or without, with the usual or unusual shape, and in a wide range of colors and design. Ready to buy your next 50GB flash drive?