In the digital age, there is nothing more important than the security of your data. And there is no more secure way to store your information than on a physical hard drive that’s in your own possession. When you control the hard drive, you know exactly who has access to your information. That is why so many people with sensitive data to protect trust the 4TB Seagate hard drive to back up their files and info.

Aside from the security, the most impressive thing about this top-of-the-line hard drive is its incredible capacity. Despite its small, slender profile, the drive holds a whopping four terabytes. That’s enough for 5,000 full-length HD movies, and you can imagine how many songs or pictures it could hold. Unless you are regularly making new HD videos or taking hundreds of photos a day, you simply won’t be able to run out of space as long as you’re using your 4TB Seagate.

Of course, having all that storage space available is no use unless you can get your info on the drive, and if you’re transferring multiple terabytes, that could take ages. The 4TB Seagate eases the process with blazing fast speeds via a USB 3.0 connection that can send a full gigabyte in just a few seconds. You’ll have no trouble backing up your computer’s entire drive in under an hour, and new data will transfer in the blink of an eye.

Once your info is on the 4TB Seagate, you can keep it totally secure by implementing the drive’s state of the art encryption technology. This will safeguard your data even if the drive is stolen or compromised, ensuring that your info is for your eyes only.

If keeping your data safe is important to you, then don’t leave it to chance. Go with the best, and trust the 4TB Seagate to keep your digital information perfectly secure.