For many years, 1080p was the standard for all movies and television. The 4k format has quickly become a popular choice for filmmakers as well as movie fans. 4k movies cover a variety of genres from to hilarious comedies to action packed adventures.

The Amazing Spider-Man was not shot in 4k but it has been mastered into the resolution. In this franchise reboot, Perter Parker establishes himself as the famous crime fighter. Look for exciting, fast paced sequences that are perfectly suited for a higher resolution This Blu-Ray option also comes with a Ultra Violet Digital Copy. Anyone who enjoyed the previous version of the film series can also find Spider-Man 2 in a specially mastered option.

Nature documentaries are a favorite selection among the format. Coral Reef Paradise 4k – The Wonderful World of Coral Reefs is a limited edition choice that uniquely captures the undersea experience. This Blu-Ray DVD perfectly picks up tones and colors for a vibrant picture that makes every viewer feel like they are on a personal submersible ride. Magic Coral Reefs 4K – The Beauty of the Reefscapes is another choice that brings this majestic paradise to life.

Incas – The Lost City Machu Picchu offers another look at this famous attraction. This title was filmed in 4k resolution and shows every aspect of settings. Reaching thousands of kilometers, every detail is covered in realistic detail. Incan history is also expertly covered during the documentary.

Classic movies can also be found in this resolution. The combo pack of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II features 4k mastering that reintroduces the films to even their most devoted fans. 1989’s film Glory is not heavy on special effects, instead it focuses on the Civil War and it effect on a special troop of soldiers.

The use of 4k resolution improves picture quality and takes it to a level previously unseen. Establishing a collection of 4k movies ensures years of viewing options that exceed any theater experience. These movies represent the best possibilities for entertainment.