If your computer is starting to slow down and show its age, your first impulse might be to toss it out and buy a new one. After all, a slow computer is not only frustrating to use, it can make you less productive while you work, costing you time and money.

But for those willing to give their machines a little elbow grease, there is a far better solution that is all-around cheaper and quicker. Instead of scrapping your machine, upgrade your specs with 4GB 240-pin DDR3 SDRAMDDR3 1333, which gives your computer a boost of processing power that will have it working like a brand new model.

The leader in this market is Kingston ValueRAM, which makes an extremely affordable and high performance 4GB 240-pin DDR3 SDRAMDDR3 1333 insert. This easy-to-install upgrade provides your computer more Random Access Memory for handling processing tasks, which will instantly improve your computer’s speed when running programs or loading websites.

As websites and apps have advanced, the amount of RAM needed to get anything done has spiral, leaving older machines bogged down by their RAM limits. But adding DIMM Connectors RAM by TE Connectivity / AMP to your tower will give you the processing power to handle virtually any website or program. Unless you’re playing the most advanced video games, you shouldn’t see any lag or delays at all when using this RAM addition. Simply installing your DIMM Connectors chip, which only takes a few minutes and standard screwdriver, will instantly rev your computer’s performance like you never imagined possible.

So if your computer is lagging, don’t give up on it or let it go to waste. Instead, give it the shot in the arm it needs. With 4GB 240-pin DDR3 SDRAMDDR3 1333, you will think you have a totally new computer.