Now that everyone carries their phone with them at all times, your smartphone isn’t just a tool, it’s become a part of your personal fashion. You want a phone that complements your style and matches your personality, and that means getting phone cases with the custom look you want, such as 4G LTE Boost Mobile rhinestone phone cases.

Ever since flip phones became a necessity in the early 2000s, the phone cover industry has become a big business, and there are now endless options to choose from. Many covers are simple and unadorned, but quite a few are ornate and very stylish looking. When people first get a glimpse of the Gel Rhinestone Bling Diamond Armor Defender by Storm-Buy, they are surprised that a phone could look so chic and cool. Created by top designers, the Storm-Buy case features a modern-cross hatched pattern studded with sparkling rhinestones. Not only is this case sturdy, but it will keep your phone completely safe, too.

Some of the most impressive styles available are those that feature jewels or gemstones, like the Pink Green Yellow Flowers Bling Rhinestone Crystal Case. Far from understated, the entire back cover of this case is patterned with shimmering rhinestones, which have been dyed into an abstract rainbow pattern. Colorful and eye-catching, this case is perfect for someone who wants to stand out.

If you want to broadcast a bold message, the JCmax Sparkle Graphic case is coated with rhinestones that tell the world your philosophy is “Keep Calm and Sparkle.” The pink background is great for those with bold, distinctive personalities, and who want a phone to match.

The key to getting the right cover for your device is remember that there are no limits to your options. Just imagine your perfect case and spend a little while looking, and you are sure to find exactly what you want.