If you run an online business, have to put together projects and presentations for school or work on a near daily basis, or are a serious gamer, then you understand the importance of working with a computer that runs smoothly and quickly. When it comes to the need for speed, traditional hard disk drives pale in comparison to the solid state drives, or SSDs, of today. One of the most recent developments in SSD technology includes the 42mm SSD, a must-have if you are looking to give your pc a serious boost.

Like the traditional HDD, an SSD saves and stores the data on your computer. The big difference between the two is how the data is stored. While the HDD stores data in metal platters which have a magnetic coating, the SSD stores data on flash memory chips which are interconnected and able to hold data without a power source.

The 42mm SSD that you choose depends on some different factors. Namely, what type of device you need it for and how much space the disk needs to have. MyDigial SSD Super Cache 2 is easy to install and offers 128GB storage capabilities. This is ideal for upgrading netbooks and ultrabooks. The Transcend SATA III provides a high storage capacity of 512GB and can be used on any portable device or home computer. ZTC Armor gives 128BG storage and is built for use with compact laptops, tablets, and ultrabooks.

For a serious boost in performance, the 42mm SSD chip comes packed with benefits, the main one being that it is a caching SSD, meaning that it is able to copy and store all of the program file information on your PC to significantly improve load time and performance. The 42mm SSD is a must-have if you need to give your PC a performance overhaul.