It wasn’t all that long ago that email was considered a bit of a novelty. With email, you could send just about any message you wanted anywhere in the world in under a second.

Eventually, it became possible to send various types of media too, from audio files to videos to whole audiobooks and more.

That’s not to say that mail is irrelevant though. There will still be times when you can’t get away with relying on email. The most obvious example of this is when someone needs to mail an actual object.

In that case, email isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’ll most likely be looking for some 4 x 8 poly bubble mailers. These are the perfect way to conveniently get items to wherever you want them and, best of all, in one piece.

An Uneekmailers 50 Self Seal 4″ x 8″ #000 Poly Bubble Mailers Padded Envelope will do the trick. Another good option would be EcoSwift Size #000 4×8 Poly Bubble Mailers Self Sealing Bulk Padded Shipping Supplies Packaging Materials Envelopes.

The other major benefit of using 4 x 8 poly bubble mailers is that they are extremely affordable. You can easily stock up on these without having to break your budget. Furthermore, because they are so light, 4 x 8 poly bubble mailers aren’t going to significantly increase your shipping costs in and of themselves.

Nonetheless, you’ll find that they are more than up to the task of protecting your important items during their trip. The inside of these mailers are lined with the same type of bubble wrap you’d use for a big move to protect your precious belongings.

No matter what you’re sending someone—an expensive watch or an important picture—make sure the item arrives at its intended destination in one piece. With 4 x 8 poly bubble mailers, you won’t have to worry what the journey ahead of your package involves. Come what may, the bubble wrap inside your mailer should quell any concerns you have so you’re confident it arrives just as you mailed it.