Because we now live in the technology age, more and more people are changing their wall receptacles. Our society no longer needs only power outlets, but we also need a USB outlet to charge our phones and tablets. The right 4 USB port wall receptacle is waiting for you online.

The Maxxima 4A High Speed Dual USB outlet charger is tamper resistant and features two vertical, high powered USB ports with a 4.0A charging capacity. It features smart identification chip-powered parts to recognize the requirements of the attached device and optimize the charge accordingly. It will shut off the charging when the devices are fully charged in order to protect the devices.

TOPGREENER TU2154A 4.0A High Speed USB charger is also tamper resistant. It can charge multiple devices at the same time. It reads the amount of power that your devices need and delivers the optimum charge for them. It is very easy to install and compatible with most wall plates.

For one of the best 4 USB port wall receptacles, the Enerlites 62000-4 USB-W in-wall charger is child-safe and can charge four devices at once. It charges at a very high rate and is ideal for iPads, iPods, iPhones, GPS, tablets and eReaders. It is very easy to install and has back and side wiring. It also reads the amount of power that you need and charges your devices accordingly. It is a great way to save space, charge all of your devices, and help manage the technology in your life.

Most of these 4 USB port wall receptacles have the full capability of determining just how much power to give your devices. The technology that is in these wall receptacles is outstanding. These examples are some of the best choices when it comes to choosing a 4 USB port wall receptacle.