What did people do before the invention of flash drives? Never before has there been a more convenient way to carry your music, movies, photos or data. Flash drives come in a multitude of colors, shapes and tiny sizes and there are countless options for personalizing.

Flash drives come in every storage size from 2GB to 164GB. They’re so small they literally fit in the palm of your hand and are among the most portable storage devices out there. Store your party playlists or store an entire DVD collection and take it with you wherever you go. As an affordable storage device, a 3GB flash drive is an easy way to share data with your friends and not break the bank. 

Now with 3.0 technology, download and writing speeds are at all all time highs with 60GB writing speeds and 150 MB reading speeds. If 3.0 isn’t a necessity, there are still tons of 2.0 flash drives out there for a little more money than a combo meal. 2.0 technology still boasts a speedy read and write times. Transferring data is quick and easy with the capability to move large amounts of data in very little time. 

At the forefront of online reviews for 3GB flash drives are both Sandisk and Lexar. Both brands are made for durability and longevity with shock resistant designs. Both have a remarkable number of styles and colors. Each brand offers its own set of standards with differing features such as a key ring clip, retractable lanyards, thumb switches and waterproofing. Most options are encrypted for security and provide a safe place to store your stuff. 

Flash drives are definitely a pint sized data storage powerhouse built on convenience and foolproof user friendly operation. Now that your entire media universe can fit on your keychain why would you ever leave home without it?