In today’s fast-paced world it is necessary to stay connected with the people who are important to you. Mobile devices equipped with 3G technology provide better Internet connection than those equipped with standard WiFi. If you are looking for a mobile device capable of playing music, videos and Internet connection, you will like the features found on a 3G tablet.

Superior Technology

The Dragon Touch E70 is a 7-inch tablet equipped with 3G technology. This technology allows you to access the Internet via radio towers. These are the same towers that provide signals for mobile phone Internet connections. This tablet’s innovative design includes a high definition display with a 1024 x 600 dpi resolution. This allows you to see even the smallest on screen images with superior clarity. When you use your tablet to access online web pages, you will find the graphics are crystal clear and the text sharp and easy to read. This amazing tablet also comes with a 5MP camera, 16 GB internal storage and a quad-core GPU with 3D graphics.

The 7-inch Artchros Android tablet is also equipped with 5G technology. This combination Smartphone – tablet is also designed to receive standard WiFi signals and comes with an HD capacitive touch screen. This tablet’s built-in Bluetooth allows you to use your tablet without interference from external noise.

Tablets for Fast-Paced Lifestyles

If you need to stay connected to your home, office or school, the Tagital 3G tablet will help you do it. This amazing device is equipped to provide both 2G and 3G service. The installed operating system is the Android Kitkat 4.4, which will allow you to download and use most of the apps available today. This system’s dual-core processor allows it to load applications quickly so you never have to wait to utilize any of the on-board features. You can easily connect to your Internet service to send files, photos or texts in a quick and efficient manner.

The tablets designed with 3G capabilities can outperform most standard tablets and Smartphones. These devices are designed for people who want to stay connected to the world, no matter where they go. If you are looking for a better way to connect with the world, the 3G tablets found here, will definitely provide that and more.